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LEADS partner Red Hat published a press release on their blog about the LEADS project results.


TSI published a press release about the outcome of LEADS (in Greek).

TUD published a press release about the outcome of LEADS (in German).


The support for Apache Avro and Gora in Infinispan was announced to the developers community today via a post on Infinispan blog:

The contributions of LEADS to the Infinispan project are listed on a dedicated page on the main Infinispan web site:

A Cloud&Heat talk on geo-distributed microclouds platform was accepted on Openstack Summit May 2015 in Vacouver. During the talk, Cloud&Heat engineers presented advantages of this approach. They also discussed changes operating and building a highly-distributed Openstack installation. The video of the presentation is available on Youtube.

More information:

Cloud&Heat Technology GmbH won German Datacenter Prize (Deutscher Rechenzentrumspreis) in category of new built energy- and resource-efficient data centers.

More info (in German):

Distributed systems aggregate large numbers of heterogeneous components that are subject to failures and asynchrony. Replication is necessary in almost every service, for performance and for dependability. UniNE developed an atomic object factory that allows to create and to consistently access any type of replicated objects in a distributed storage.

Cloud&Heat Technology GmbH presented the concept of heating houses with geo-distributed microclouds platform.

Title of the presentation: "Strom zu Intelligenz: Heizen mit Servern und dezentralem Cloudcomputing"

Event website:

CloudWATCH published yesterday a report with the results of a Concertation Meeting held in Brussels last September. It contains recommendations to contribute to the process for developing the European Commission's 2016-2017 Work Programme. The report underlines the importance of a move toward a more dynamic cloud which ensures dynamically managed, secure environments, flexible delivery models and interoperability through standards.